The Importance of Keeping Medical Equipment Sterile

Published: 25th March 2011
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In a hospital or doctor's environment you will likely come across a vast range of medical equipment, all of which is highly vital for the various procedures and diagnoses that go on within the walls. This includes exam tables for patients to be examined on so that they can take the weight off their feet when they are feeling fragile, medical gloves and syringes, medications, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and much more, and all of it will be used again and again to treat countless patients.

All of this is very important for the normal service of these health institutions. However what's also important is that these items remain as clean as possible and even better completely sterile and this will help to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases.

In the case of something like needles it is incredibly important that the items remain completely sterile. This is because needles come into contact with blood and that means that they might come into contact with diseases such as AIDS and HIV. If the needles are not sterile and they are used again then, then that disease can accidentally be transferred. For this reason most needles and syringes will be one-time use only. That is to say that they will be disposable and after they have been used to administer the injection they will be disposed of never to be used again. The same is true of medical gloves and several other items of medical equipment.

However with something like exam tables it is of course impossible to simply discard the medical equipment after each use as it would be too expensive to keep replacing them. However something like exam tables can sometimes spread disease too such as the staphylococcus bacteria that causes the MRSA hospital bug. This exists on the skin of around of 30% of males many whom show no symptoms as the bacteria does not penetrate the skin. However this bacteria can then survive on surfaces such as an exam table, and that then means that they can be transferred to the open wounds of the next person who lies on it.

Fortunately there are various precautions in place to prevent this. For instance exam tables will normally have a sheet down on top of them that goes between the patient and the exam table. This then means that they don't actually come into contact with it, or at least don't come into contact with it much, and that in turn means that the sheet can be replaced and washed and that no one needs to touch it.

However it is also possible to get sterilization supplies which include things like antibacterial spray. These sterilization supplies are highly useful for killing off bacteria and viruses and can be used to prevent illnesses and diseases from spreading that way. It is crucial then for health services to not only invest in these sterilization supplies, but to be vigilant in using them and not only on the medical supplies, but also on the surfaces of desks and even the floor.

Sterilization supplies are highly important for keeping your medical equipment Canada as sterile as possible so as not to spread disease. Follow the links for a range of medical supplies.

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